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ECLOS, Hitachi’s latest CT system, uses leading-edge technology to protect users and patients.

Adaptive mA is real-time X-ray dose-reduction technology which flexes with patient size and absorption rate, without compromising outstanding image quality. In minimising image noise, it enables effective, low-X-ray-dose examinations.

There are more than 10,000 Hitachi CT installations worldwide. We welcome and apply customers’ feedback to product development. Recent findings showed that supporting software tools have become increasingly important to professionals; this drove the development of the new FatPointer® and Risk Pointer.

Risk Pointer evaluates lung examinations quickly and effectively, using colour for clarity.

With the world’s population becoming increasingly aware of its diet, it is important to know patients’ exact and diagnostic ratio of subcutaneous and visceral fat levels. FatPointer is a one-click analysis tool to maximise ease of use and efficiency.

Advanced CT system applications are generating a huge amount of data. With ECLOS, Hitachi developed a new computer platform, enabling users to carry out operations, such as bone removal, using coloured 3D images displayed on a console or on the Hyper Q-Net. High-speed data management ensures that patient throughput is not compromised.

Nearly all advanced CT applications function in real time, without a workstation. For example, CEV-Software (Cruising EYE View) can be used on the main or diagnostic console for examing the colon or hollow viscera.

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