DEFINA EPK‑3000 Video Processor

DEFINA video processor –
the answer to your everyday needs

The compact sized DEFINA processor offers state-of-the-art HD images that lead to detection of epithelial changes. This is supported by i-scan which further enhances mucosal and vessel patterns as well as tumor margins by its smart usability. i-scan technology guides the user to the area that needs to be biopsied and supports in determining the area to be treated.


Superior image quality for better orientation

  • Brilliant, High-Definition images for a clear, fast and more detailed visualization of the mucosal structures
  • Dynamic range expansion for excellent far field illumination


Supporting diagnostic outcome

  • HD image combined with i-scan technology for faster detection, easier demarcation and support in characterization


Ease of operation

  • Capture the best still image during the procedure with freeze scan function
  • Compact ergonomic design and user-friendly interface




The legal manufacturer of these PENTAX Medical video processors is Hoya Corporation, Japan. They are distributed in the assigned geographical areas in Europe by Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG, Switzerland and their subsidiaries.