Coded Imaging

Quality, high-frequency diagnostic imaging

Resolution and penetration are two crucial parameters of diagnostic imaging. Historically, an improvement in one has often been at the expense of the other.

Hitachi's coded signal processing employs a combination of coding specific to the 'transmit' signal, with decoding and summing of the 'receive' signals. The fourfold increase in amplitude improves high-frequency penetration whilst maintaining image resolution.

Benefits include:

  • increased penetration, without loss of spatial resolution, by extending high-frequency transducer usage
  • availability with a wide range of high-frequency linear, endocavity, endoscopic and convex transducers
  • available for use in conjunction with other image-quality-optimisation techniques, such as compound imaging; can also be activated in colour Doppler mode
LEFT: off, RIGHT: on
LEFT: off, RIGHT: on