Cardiovascular Technologies

Vector Flow Mapping (VFM)

Vector Flow Mapping (VFM) is a novel application that allows users to assess cardiovascular blood flow distribution... [+]

2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT)

The 2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT) is an advanced tool which allows users to track the displacement of the cardiac... [+]

TDI Analysis

To display the movement of tissue by using Doppler method – is now widely used to observe the myocardium's... [+]

Myocardial Thickness (Wall Thickness)

The TDI-Myocardial Thickness (Wall Thickness) detects chamber, myocardium and epicardium simultaneously and uses...[+]

Strain/Strain Ratio

Conventional cardiac function analysis is focused on diagnosis of global heart movement. By opposition, Strain...[+]

Automated Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) Measurement

The relationship between the presence of Carotid atherosclerosis with increased CIMT and coronary arteries disease...[+]


The severity of Cardiovascular disease is likely to be reduced if atherosclerosis is detected early and before...[+]

Wave Intensity

The heart and the arterial system constantly interact with each other through forward travelling waves and reflected...[+]

Flow Mediated Dilatation (FMD)

FMD - Endothelial Function Assessment Endothelial dysfunction is considered to be the first stage of atherosclerosis...[+]

Stress Echo

The large capacity Cine Memory enhances the efficiency of the examination. You can capture moving images for approximately... [+]