HI VISION Ascendus

A first class ultrasound platform with uncompromised image quality

The HI VISION Ascendus is an ultrasound platform in a class of its own, fulfilling your aspirations for a versatile, comprehensive and flexible ultrasound system that delivers all-round high performance imaging for all your diagnostic needs.

As the latest addition to the HI VISION series of ultrasound, the Ascendus is the culmination of lengthy collaboration within the Hitachi Group’s network of research laboratories in the development of a system offering world-beating image quality. HI VISION Ascendus expands the product portfolio at the premium end to offer a platform where Hitachi Medical Systems can demonstrate its leadership in innovation and technology to the diagnostic imaging market.

Expert imaging modalities such as Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE) and dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI) are included in the HI VISION Ascendus and complement the high definition imaging for improved diagnostic confidence and maximum therapeutic potential.

Moreover, the HI VISION Ascendus supports new leading edge technologies and is the world’s first product able to display 4-D Real-time Tissue Elastography images.

The HI VISION Ascendus offers high definition imaging, advanced technological functionality and optimised ergonomics in one all-inclusive package.

With its completely new front-end electronics, the HI VISION Ascendus provides the the highest definition image quality. The image processing unit is driven by the Ultrasound Broadband Engine 2nd Generation (Ultra BE II) – which greatly increases the processing speed – facilitating the development of sophisticated image processing and new application functionality. Through the combination of Ultra BE II and highly sensitive, high-bandwidth transducers, Hitachi achieves images of precision and clarity.

The platform features the award-winning ergonomic design that incorporates the unique flexible one-action adjustment the liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor with the operator console to comfortably accommodate all operator and patient position combinations. The large-screen LCD monitor also features a Smart Touch panel, which gives the operator freedom to control the system without the need to look away from the ultrasound images.

Offering compatibility with Hitachi’s versatile range of transducers, the HI VISION Ascendus maximises transducer performance to cover every clinical need, from the new high frequency EUP-L75 superficial transducer, to the EUP-B715 dedicated abdominal biopsy transducer, with a ‘through crystal’ biopsy needle channel.. All reach new levels of sensitivity and resolution with the HI VISION Ascendus.

The HI VISION Ascendus offers a unique combination of interventional tools: fusion imaging with Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) and Real-time Bi-Plane imaging (RTBi) facilitate safe and accurate image guided procedures; dedicated biopsy, intra-operative and laparoscopic transducers support diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

  • Clinical Applications
    Paediatrics/Neonatal transfontanelle
    Small parts (breast, thyroid, testes, etc)
    Adult and paediatric cardiology (as option) including transoesophageal
    Interventional Ultrasound
  • Advanced Imaging Capabilities
    HI VISION imaging:
    -Wideband Pulse Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    -High definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    -HI Com: real-time image compounding
    -HI Rez+ : real-time tissue adaptive filter
    -Adaptive Enhance
    -Coded Imaging
    -HI Zoom
    HI Support B and FFT auto-optimisation
    dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging
    Colour Wideband Pulse Inversion
    Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) Mode
    Panoramic Imaging (WideView)
    Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)
    4D RTE
    Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)
    3D and 4D volume imaging
    Real-time Bi-Plane Imaging
    Picture in Picture
    Dual Gate Doppler
  • Advanced Measurement Package
    Eyeball EF
    % WT measurement
    Colour Tissue Tracking
    IMT measurement
    M-mode navigation
    Real-time Doppler AutoTrace
  • Special Features
    Unique movement of operator console and 19" digital LCD in a rotational arc
    Sideways rotation of operator console through 55º
    Graphical User Interface incorporating Smart Touch panels, Smart Tab menus, Image Thumbnails
    4 active transducer ports
    Independent swivel/locks on all four wheels
    Waterproof remote control operation
    Digital storage:
    -Hard disk, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, USB memory device and USB HDD (Up to 5 ports)
    -External PC or Mac via LAN Ethernet 100
    Image Format:
    Cineloop Format :
    -AVI, DICOM JPEG, up to 4 hours continuous recording in MPEG2 format
    DICOM 3:
    -Store, Print, Worklist, Query/Retrieve, Structured Report (OB, Cardiology, Vascular)
  • Power Requirements
    Power supply: AC 220 - 240 V (+/- 10%)
    Power consumption: 1.5 kVA
    Dimensions: 550 mm (width) x 900-1110 mm (depth) x 1350-1550 mm (height)
  • Standards
    Conforms to ISO 9001: design, fabrication, distribution
    Conforms to ISO 14001: environmental protection