Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A world leader in magnetic resonance systems

Hitachi is recognised as the world's largest open MRI manufacturer with more than 7,000 installed systems and the widest range of open MRI units - from 0.3 up to 1.5 Tesla.

ECHELON Smart – 1.5T MRI

ECHELON Smart 1.5T is a superconductive MRI, featuring superior image quality alongside with patient-friendly examinations.

OASIS™ 1.2T is a new generation of MR systems, providing a high degree of diagnostic confidence and extraordinary patient comfort.

A game-changing 74cm oval bore designed around the shape of the human body, allowing for an optimal patient experience with outstanding comfort, space, and efficiency.

APERTO Lucent O5 - 0.4T

The APERTO Lucent O5 is the new and stylish open-sided
mid-field MRI which gives high-field application clarity.

AIRIS Vento O5 - 0.3T

Powerful gradient systems enable AIRIS Vento O5 to break through mid-field MRI price/performance benchmarks, with enhanced image quality.

AIRIS Light - a break-through in price performance whole-body MRI.


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